b&b Backpack
b&b Backpack
b&b Backpack
b&b Backpack
b&b Backpack
b&b Backpack
Bag & Bougie

b&b Backpack

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The Bag and Bougie backpack will transform your everyday into a comfortable and stylish experience.

With dedicated space for your laptop, workout gear and water bottle, you are sure to stay organized. The b&b backpack can also be used for new mamas, travel and work.
We use 100% premium neoprene, a high-tech fabric that is water resistant and hand washable.


Neoprene is a beautiful yet delicate fabric which requires some care when out and about. 

• Hand wash in cold water with a gentle detergent
• Air to dry and ensure item is completely dry before use
• A simple lint roller is the best way to remove surface dust and dirt "

Why choose us?

Machine Washable
Reinventing the way you carry your world


Add a personal touch to your bag with custom embroidery.